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Art Restoration serving Dallas - Fort Worth and North Texas and the National Community

For Inquiries Regarding Art Restoration and Conservation of your art or collections, please go to the our restoration site at .

Art must be properly packed for shipping. Please contact me for specific instructions or work with someone who specializes in shipping works of art. 

Emergency and Disaster inquiries are expedited.  Onsite inspections and handling also available.    We will work with your insurance company.



About John Banuelos, Master Conservator and Restorer


As a Master Conservator, John has restored over 2000 Historic Works of Art and is an active member of AIC, American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works.  His conservation and art restoration includes works in oil, egg tempura, acrylic, watercolor, gouache, graphite, charcoal and pastel.


Additionally, restoration of works on paper and prints include books, etchings, aqua tints, mezzo tints, steel plate engravings, photo lithographs and antique photographs have been superior.


Ceramic and porcelain restorations encompass a broad range of antiquities and collectibles.  JB's art restoration and conservation of murals and frescoes enables history to live on.

His compo, gilding and framing has provided extensive museum quality solutions.


His restorations have been evaluated by leading certified senior appraisers and conservators and described as “Excellent, some of the best I have ever seen”. This has been attributed to his gift as a restorer and his exceptional ability as an artist to restore what another artist has created.







Art Restoration and Consevation Works Includes:

  • Rembrandt’s Angel Departing the House of Tobias

  • Alfonse Mucha originals

  • Alberto Vargas originals

  • Jean-Joseph Xavier Bidauld – Augustan Bridge on the Nera River

  • Frederic Edwin Church landscape

  • Thomas Cole landscapes

  • Salvador Dali’s - Ten Commandments

  • William Robinson Leigh - Bucking Bronco

  • RC Gorman’s - Lilacs

  • Picasso gouaches and paintings

  • Sketches, paintings, and prints by Maxfield Parrish

  • Original Audubons

  • The private collection of the Alfred Hitchcock family

  • Warner Sallman’s – Iconic Christhead -This American Religious Icon has graced the walls of thousands of homes and churches

  • Peter Bianchi’s – I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Light


Additionally, numerous notable works from the Messenger Art Collection, including the historic photo separations of the Marilyn Monroe Red Velvet photo shoot can be viewed on the website of the Messenger Art Collection at

All images on the site have been restored or conserved by John Banuelos.


JB has completed other framing design,  conservation,  and restoration work on works from  the private collections of:  


  • Frank Liddell – Nashville Record Producer 

  • Bill Walsh – Former coach of Stanford University/San Francisco 49’ers 

  • Fairmont San Francisco 

  • Donna Sommers 

  • Wayne Newton 

  • Crystal Gale, Gary and Dusty Lou, founders of Current Corp


Composition, gilding and patina work was done for the De Young Museum in San Francisco and framing restoration for the Rosicrucian Order Museum in San Jose, Behny Bufano – sculptor.

Restored and Conserved Works 

Restoration of "A Century of Progress" by American Artist, Frank Harper 
From the Messenger Collection
Before Restoration
After Restoration
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