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About John Banuelos - Painter of Western Legends

Painting in mediums of watercolor and oil, his works adorn the walls of private collectors internationally. 


JB paints in mediums of oil and watercolor with two distinctively unique styles.  His love of the old world masters is reflected in his oil paintings. Influenced by, and using the techniques of Caravaggio, Titian, Durer and Veronese, JB's old world paintings are spectacular.   

He had produced several beautiful frescoes and murals for private homes and institutions.


His influence from the pre-raphaelite artists and American Artist Maxfield Parrish are reflected in his watercolor paintings.


JB’s love of art began at the very early age of four.  Encouraged by his Aunt Dede,  his talents and inquisitiveness were fostered.  She bought him art supplies and ignited his interest by taking him to local museums. He would ask, “Why is blue, blue?  Why is yellow, yellow?  Where do the colors come from……..” As she described the color spectrum, his fascination grew.  


As an adolescent, he was mentored by Lloyd Samuelson who instilled in him that gifted talent and “on "hours and hours and miles and miles of canvas will lead to greatness”.

He continued with his formal education at San Jose State and the University of Colorado.


JB feels his gift from God is his ability to capture emotion and a moment in time from a palette.    He is accepting commissions for  2021 and 2022.





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